Thursday, May 19, 2011

wedding Firdaus dan Siti Hajar

Just wanna share with u guys some of the pictures during my brother wedding...


Terima kasih diucapkan kepada semua ahli keluarga, yang telah banyak membantu kami untuk menjayakan majlis perkahwinan abang saya ini.. kepada bapa-bapa saudaraku yang berusaha untuk menggantikan tugas ayah, terima kasih diucapkan.. semoga jasa kalian diberi balasan yang setimpal oleh Allah.. kepada ibu-ibu saudara ku, terima kasih kerana banyak membantu meringankan bebanan dalam mempersiapkan kerperluan majlis..

Lastly, to my dearly sis...
welcome to this family.. u are the only only daughter in law that father know..
may your life after this happier than before.. Semoga perkahwinan ini, dapat menambahkan iman dan berkekalan hingga ke syurga..

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

kebetulan satu perancangan.....

Assalamualaikum to all my blog readers....

Miss this blog so much..
So many things had been occurred in my life through all these days.. but am really busy and have no time to updated this blog... oh, maybe my time management is not very good.. yeah maybe....

u know guys,

in life we always do plan for something. We do want the plans going smoothly so we will satisfy.. But, sometimes, they are also things that occurred without our plan.. either the things make us happy or make us gloomy.. If u are a scientist, during your research, sometimes we will discover something accidentally. you'll be rewarded if the things is very new for example, you are working on microbe and suddenly you found a way to culture the bacteria until it can be used to cure AIDS or HIV. In science, it is called as serendipitous discoveries.. you can read here

Why I am babbling all these?
It sound ridiculous and not relevant with my title...
But what to do...
This is the only things come out from my mind..


I want to relate this with my own life..
From my previous post,
all of u already knows about my father passed away..

U know guys,
that day really tell me about the powerful of Allah...
We can only plan, and either Allah allows it to happened or not, we don't know..

here, I will tell you a very important dates in my life before and after my father left us.. It is related you know..

29 November 2010:
My very wonderful and amazing day.. It is my graduation day... Alhamdulillah, my father can watch me taking my scroll on stage, evenhough at that time he just discharge from hospital for 3 weeks.. Thank you Allah for let this to happen..

20 December 2010:
I got a chance to further study at UKM.. almost a month from my graduation day... At this time, my father was hospitalised again..

29 January 2011:
Day that I will not forget for the rest of my life.. InsyaAllah.. Day that change everything.. Day that remind me I will not see him anymore.. This is the day of my father left us.. Also a month after my entrance to UKM.

13 March 2011:
My eldest brother wedding.. Guys, this day is not exactly but it is 40 days after my father passed away.. This is what I mean from my title.. "kebetulan satu perancangan".. In early November or maybe December (I dont remember actually) we do selecting the date for their wedding.. and Allah give us idea to choose 13 march.. and at that day also, my family turn to 6 back..

Yeah.. it is all about power of Allah who can control all the slaves.. Either we realizes or not, it depends on how we are thinking.. Maybe, some of you not understand.. but its ok.. Since it is just my babbling only..

Whatever it is, it is really relates with Allah's power..